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Deer Isle-Stonington Historical Society         OR         Stonington Cemeteries

Little Deer Isle
Gray’s Hill Cemetery
Harris/West Cemetery
Howard’s Hill Cemetery
Billings Cemetery - Private
Weed Cemetery
McWilliams Cemetery
Hardy/Weed Cemetery

Haskell District 
Haskell Cemetery
Haskell District Cemetery - Eaton

Blastow’s Cove
Lisa Tolman Wotton Preserve Cemetery
Blastow’s Cove Cemetery
Eaton Cemetery - Swain’s Cove

Island Cemeteries
Bear Island - Eaton/Kenison - off Little Deer Isle
Butter Island - Witherspoon
Stave Island - off Little Deer Isle
Carney Island - off Little Deer Isle
Eagle Island - off Sunset

North Deer Isle
William C. Hardy - Moraine Cemetery
Closson/Comstock Cemetery
Powers/Holden Cemetery
Dexter Farm Cemetery

Quaco Road - Marshall Family Lot

Dow Road
Theophilus Eaton
Hodermarsky Private Lot

Reach Road
Howard Cemetery
Forest Hill Cemetery
Old Reach Cemetery
Carter’s Cemetery
Gray’s Cove
Fish Creek - Robbins Gravesite
Fish Creek - Thomas Lowe Point

Greenlaw District - Clark Hill Family Lots

Marshall District - Lancaster & Marshall Family

South Deer Isle
Mount Adams Cemetery
Old Settlers Cemetery - corner Rt. 15 & Sunshine Rd
Greenlaw Family Lot - between Old Settlers & Old Deer Isle
Old Deer Isle Cemetery
Gray Family Lot - just south of Old Deer Isle Cemetery
Long Cove Woods - Thomas & Hannah Small
Mount Warren Cemetery
Warren Point Cemetery

Pressey Village Road
Knowlton Lot - Nook Point (private)
Smith Lots - behind B. Clyde Smith's
Pressey Lots - behind Joel Ekstrom’s
Pressey Point - SW bank of Northeast Harbor

Hillside Cemetery
Small, Thomas - Revolutionary War
Beech Grove - Small/McDonald

Sunset Crossroad
Amos Small
Eunice Small

Goose Cove Road
Susan Foster Small
Job Small
Crockett’s Point - Packard Lot

Avis Alexander Cemetery - Private
Bray Cemetery - French Camp Road
Toothaker Graveyard
Sam Petty Point

Evergreen Cemetery

Cremations without Burial  

Burial Place Unknown or off Island

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